You may now pay your monthly rent (and some fees) here using Paypal

Please be sure to include your lot # when checking out to ensure proper credit to your rental account.  

LAMPLIGHTER will show on your credit or debit card statement.

Any disputed  funds will be considered the same as unpaid rent and treated as such.

We do not accept partial payments, any partial payments will be rejected and you will be responsible for any late fees or legal action that occurs because of your partial payment.

Rent and Fees
Please include your LOT #
Lamplighter Estates

If you need a different amount than is shown here, please send us an email requesting an invoice!

DO NOT attempt to make selections and make payment for something not listed here. The fee will be reversed and you may end paying additional late fees.

Rent is due on the 1st.

It is a direct violation of your rental agreement to pay your rent late, so please be sure to submit your payment before 5pm on the 5th.